Reintroduction Of Cheetah

Reintroduction of Cheetah


Screening of Documentary on Reintroduction of Cheetah.

Eco Club in collaboration with Youth Club of Govt. Degree College Ramgarh screened a Documentary on ‘Reintroduction of Cheetah’. The event was organized under the supervision and guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Satinder Kaur. 

Speaking on the occasion Prof. (Dr.) Satinder Kaur highlighted that Cheetahs are being reintroduced in india seven decades after they were declared extinct in India. Cheetahs will help in the restoration of open forest and grassland ecosystems in india. She further added that the major purpose of the project is to develop healthy populations in India that allow the cheetah to execute its functional role as a top predator. The cheetah is a flagship grassland species whose conservation also helps in preserving other grassland species in the predator food chain. This species can sustain in present ecosystem as it is close sub-species of Acinonyx jubatus jabatus which is close to the species which was found in India Acinonyx jabatus venaticus.

The goal of this event is to raise awareness and affect change via the visual story across country borders of how conservation methods benefit humans to live harmony with cheetahs. At the outset, Prof. Risha Kumari & Dr Sandeep Kumar, briefed the students about the the various initiatives undertaken by GOI for rehabilitation of Cheetahs in India. A large no. of Students attended the event. The other faculty members present were: Dr Aditi Khajuria. Prof. Seema Sharma, Dr Shamsher Lal, Dr Rahul Kundal, Dr Anjali Bala & Dr Ekta Rani.

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