Goals & Objectives

  • To initiate student ability to make connections across disciplines, demonstrating a beginning understanding of the convergence and divergence of knowledge.
  • To improve the quality of teaching through evaluation of teachers by students
  • To reduce the students dependence on coaching classes
  • To ensure accountability of the teachers by making them punctual to classroom instruction and by being non-partisan in treating the students
  • To maintain the credibility of the examination system
  • To ensure transparency and just and fair College administration by avoiding partial or discriminatory treatment of students
  • To provide opportunities for portfolio reviews, exhibitions, publications, and community service.
  • To provide space facilities, equipment, and technology appropriate to support curricular offerings.
  • To promote the health and safety of our students and the environment by responsible risk management. 
  • To ensure program and policy effectiveness by ongoing strategic planning, evaluation reviews, and projection studies.
  • To promote positive ways of social interaction, self-confidence in ability to exchange ideas and opinions with others, capacity to deal with multi-ethnic, multiracial backgrounds, and confidence that one can be of value to the community and in turn learn from it.
  • To assess teaching strategies, alternative pedagogies, and program offerings to meet current and future student/community needs.
  • To ensure professional currency of faculty knowledge and skills by participating in new technology training, studio workshop or research opportunities, and professional national art organizations.

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